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So, I play a little World of Warcraft from time to time. I run around with my little dude and kill things and stuff. Some of that stuff involves selling virtual items for virtual gold on the “auction house”. Much to my surprise, (and delight), I was sent this gem of an in-game email from another player scolding me for not selling my virtual herb, “whiptail”, for enough virtual gold. FAIL!

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it's a me!  mario!
I was able to find a bunch of vintage games during recent visit to the back of an arcade at Cedar Point. I had forgotten back when Nintendo’s poster boy, Mario started as the hero of Donkey Kong that he looked more like an Italian stereotype then he does now. Give him a chef’s hat and a red neck scarf and he could pass for that classic pizza parlor statue they always have in the corner behind of the counter. Apparently originally he was known as “Jumpman” which is odd since he can’t jump in the start of Donkey Kong. I guess later he was known as “Mr. Video” until he was named after the landlord of his japanese creator.

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burgertime instructions

Everyone’s favorite game about Building beautiful burgers, dodging horrible hot dogs, and defying brawling bread sticks. I found this old instruction manual at my parent’s house.

burgertime instructions

More strange renderings of food after the jump.

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dwarf fortress

dwarf fortress

I nerded out the other day and downloaded a few old, free RPGs like my favorite, Avernum and this little fellow called “Dwarf Fortress”. Sadly it was incompatible with my keyboard, so I couldn’t get past the intro, but I managed to grab a couple amazing screen shots.

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Ninja Golf - for the Atari 7800

The 7800 was the first console we ever got in our house and, quite honestly, it was a much bigger deal for my dad than it was for me. Choplifter captured his attention in a way that Y’s: the Vanished Omens never could… Maybe it was the controller design, the 7800 was the last system that didn’t ship with a control pad but rather an old fashioned joy stick, like the ColecoVisions he’d seen in the homes of his friends years before.

It didn’t take too long for me to talk my parents into purchasing an NES — my dad still fondly recalls the lies I told to induce them to make the big purchase (I pleaded with them, explaining that everyone else in the ENTIRE town already had a Nintendo and that they were the only parents in the whole 06371 zip code who were still holding out, which was not only unfair, it was also cruel — and somehow humiliating (there was a class war on, after all). When my dad brought up that the family next door still didn’t have a Nintendo, I had to think fast: “They’re getting one RIGHT now!” I squealed. Though in the end it wasn’t my unrelenting nagging/begging but my mom’s interest in the potential health benefits of the Power Pad that clinched it) — and not long after that I got a Genesis.

But there was still a period of several months when we’d make regular trips to the Kay Bee’s in the Crystal Mall or the Toys ‘R Us and I’d spend tens of minutes poring over the tens of flip-up, flattened laminated game boxes. Ninja Golf was perpetually sold out; the thin, white tear-off slips you’d need to take up to the teenager slumped in front of the locked glass case were always exhausted, only the heavy ‘Re-order’ card remained… and in some cases even that was gone.

But come on! After looking at this amazing packaging, how could anyone be happy settling for Dig Dug?

Atari Age provides an amazing gallery of Ninja Golf screen shots… I’m only now beginning to understand what I missed out on.

Ninja Golf - for the Atari 7800

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las vegas poker and blackjack intellivision

las vegas poker and blackjack intellivision

las vegas poker and blackjack intellivision

From Intellivision “intelligent television” comes Las Vegas Poker and Blackjack! The video cartridge that gives you the lifelike thrill of having a handless Mandy Patinkin demand “Wallet!” and “Get Lost”. Fun times.

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