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Alasdair Gillis in UFO Kidnapped

I’m sure anyone that grew up in the 80’s remembers “You Can’t Do That On Television“. You know, the one Nickelodeon stole the green slime idea from. I didn’t have cable in the show’s early years, but I remember always watching it over friends houses and eventually at home. Now that I look back on it, I really think Alasdair on that show was my first ever boy crush. For a while, before it was all offical, I was even able to get my name onto IMDB saying I was a cast member for an episode in 1984 (its since been taken down, but served as a fun party trick for a couple of years).

I recently found a really bizarre tv movie also made in canada starring most of the same cast (minus Christine “Moose” and Lisa, the girl everyone made fun of). It’s apparently called “UFO Kidnapped” and why it wasn’t an instant children’s classic, I am not sure. Perhaps its scenes like this one with Alasdair and inappropriate alien touching (which happens on several occasions, check out 3:12 in the video). The canadian accents are super strong there eh. and the special effects might be described as Lost In Space meets Barbarella divided by Doctor Who with a pinch of Land of the Lost thrown in (in other words AWESOME). I’ve attached some screenshots of some of the best. To watch the full video, check out Canadiantalentshines on YouTube.

The basic plot (if you can call it that) is that two brothers and their dog are “UFO Kidnapped” (ie kidnapped by a ufo). On the spaceship, they meet a weird Victorian girl, a group of of fuzzy ewok/carebear like things called Loolis (that are too like to grope anyone), a cat burglar (the same guy who played “Barf”), two midget aliens, some cyclopes, a primative boy, and a bunch of other things that don’t make that much sense. Watch and enjoy!

Click here to see the rest of You Can’t Do That in Space

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