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Italian Vogue, August 2005.

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Wild style hairdo, layers of pink brocade, big shoulders and more flauntable jewelry than you can shake a stick at – I’ll take everything but the cigarette please.
Italian Vogue March, 2009.

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zandra rhodes

zandra rhodes

zandra rhodes

Been thinking about designer Zandra Rhodes lately. Her clothes were always so feminine and off kilter. She created costumes for Queen and dressed Lady Di. These photos come from a retrospective in Italian Vogue from a few years back. They remind me of Ashleigh’s post below; I am sure Kate Bush was a fan.

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Photo by Norman Parkinson.

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Natalia Steven Meisel

Natalia Steven Meisel

– Italian Vogue May 2005 – Illustrations by Jeanne Detallante

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Benedetta Barzini


I praised Benedetta Barzini as a style icon on Brix Picks after seeing this great retrospective of her career in the March 2003 Italian Vogue.

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Mario Testino Wild and Wild Italian Vogue 2002

Photographed by Mario Testino, this “Wild and Wild” editorial from Italian Vogue, 2002 is stunning. Makes you want to travel the world, buy everything made to wear, and pile it on all at once. Of course, mixing patterns, textures, and proportions can be very, very tricky. Sometimes I end up looking like a toddler whose parents let her dress herself. I also love this shoot because it makes the last days of spring, which have been pretty miserably chilly, feel ok because it’s the last chance to layer like crazy.
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