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Don’t get me wrong, Tom Ford’s Single Man, a meandering ode to a professor hounded by male models, is incredibly good looking but, alas, it is also incredibly boring. So, for you, I’m sharing this best part – this crazy gorgeous headboard. After the jump are more stunning images, including the fuzziest sweater ever.

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marlene dietrich apartment

marlene dietrich apartment

From Nest Magazine Fall 2002: “993 Park Ave #12E was the only real estate Marlene Dietrich ever owned – hotels and dressing rooms suited her. This place was called home for two decades, during the star’s remarkable second career as a globe trotting live performer. In 1978 she retired to Paris and some rented rooms, in 1992 to a grave near her mother in Berlin. 12E remained unsold, untouched. These photos were taken shortly before its contents were dispersed at auction in 1997.”

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