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I held onto these Meatloaf sized handmade Poison jackets (that I imagined once belonged to the toughest, brutest Bret Micheal fan girls ever) for as long as reasonable. But, as we purge for our baby’s arrival, they were donated to Beacons Closet but not before I took copious photos to share with you all, of course. Let these images inspire you to make your own homemade fan wear. It’s an art we tend to abandon after adolescence, but it would be kind of awesome to see thirty-somethings on the train wearing studded and puff painted This American Life or Chris Ware jean jackets.

Do you still have any hand made clothing or accessories? Please share in the comments!

Click here to see the rest of Two Huge Homemade Poison Jackets

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One of the very first hair meta bands.

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metal forces 5

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1986 German article about the private life of Scorpion guitarist Rudolf Schenker

To begin: a furnished attic used solely to store his leather jacket collection, a sleeveless guitar tee that gives the illusion of a tri-neck guitar, and a golden scorpion coffee table to sit and contemplate by … Rudolf Schenker, I salute you!

Plus (below), my favorite Scorpions album cover, better than the deservedly controversial Virgin Killer cover, but not by too much.

The Scorpions - Love Drive album cover

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great kat

great kat

great kat

The Great Kat is a Long Island metal shredder who prefers the works of Beethoven and Wagner to lay into. Love her.

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molly hatchet tour tee shirt

World Disaster Tour, 1980.

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White Wolf - Standing Alone

Please note the original sticker on the plastic wrap: DO NOT PLAY DURING A FULL MOON.

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Accept - Balls to the Wall

This album features their big hit, Balls to the Wall; I have absolutley no doubt that you’ll love the music video.

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An ebay item that slipped between my grasp a few months back.

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