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Greenpoint Trip-Lock Cribs

Ah “Good Furniture Magazine”. Who knew the Greenpoint Metallic Bed Co. on Franklin Street in my neighborhood of Greenpoint Brooklyn, made such quality Trip-Lock cribs. Notice the mom in high heels “tripping” the locks on this crib as her other son Buster Brown looks on. I suppose these cribs would have been recalled if they were still made. Maybe I will still try and send for their “Free Electrotype Service”.

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This is an amazing Historical map of Greenpoint, my beloved neighborhood, that should be intriguing to any locals. Can you believe we used to have 8 movies houses?? Definitely click on the image for larger, easier to read scale!

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 Saint Elias Church on Kent Street in Greenpoint
I found this listing a couple of months back. For only $7 million, you can have the whole historic church and the sunday school. Both are located next to each other on tree lined Kent Street in Greenpoint. Check out the sweet morish style arches. Think of the dinner parties one could have at the alter here.

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mcgolrick park dog costume parade

mcgolrick park dog costume parade

mcgolrick park dog costume parade

2009 McGolrick Park Dog Costume Parade.

Click here to see the rest of Dog Costume Parade at McGolrick Park

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Martial Arts Studio at McGuinness and Meserole

Next time you’re at the Pit Stop, take a peek across the street and behold the eviscerator in the window at the Martial Arts studio. I actually studied something called Tang Soo Do when I was a pre-teen, and it was fine but, if I’d seen an image like this every time I showed up for class, it would have been at least another year or two before I quit. What kid wouldn’t want his or her face and neck covered in gore?

Also, the Pit Stop doesn’t seem to appear on Yelp. What’s up with that?

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