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My mom and dad... in the mid 1970s

Courting in the early 1970’s.

Myself, my dad and my uncle Brian in the early 90s

My dad’s signature move in family photos, like this lovely early 90’s Christmas time scene (where I have to admit, I’ve never looked better), was/is not smiling with his eyes but sticking his tongue out. Often times three aunts would stand side by side firing off cameras loaded with Kodak disc film and Mal would hold the pose for minutes at a time as attempts were made to override automatic flash settings, which kind of shifted the nature of the antic from a spontaneous, goofy outburst to something more like a physical representation of a solidly held world view: this was unquestionably how he wanted to be recorded. I don’t think it was the kind of behavior I always found hilarious while it was happening, but as I consider it now I guess it’s pretty telling.

Happy father’s day!

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