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Houdini and Lincoln

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came across this logo when doing some work research. apparently it’s from brazil. what the company is i’m not sure. maybe it’s a life size sex toy company and this is appropriate?

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This really caught my eye for obvious reasons

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As you may know, we possess a proud little collection of vintage smut. But, we always get these gems used and with the very real fear of beg bugs upon us and the whole city, we freeze all purchases first. Hence, this is the image that confronted guests at a recent party who were looking for ice.

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it's a me!  mario!
I was able to find a bunch of vintage games during recent visit to the back of an arcade at Cedar Point. I had forgotten back when Nintendo’s poster boy, Mario started as the hero of Donkey Kong that he looked more like an Italian stereotype then he does now. Give him a chef’s hat and a red neck scarf and he could pass for that classic pizza parlor statue they always have in the corner behind of the counter. Apparently originally he was known as “Jumpman” which is odd since he can’t jump in the start of Donkey Kong. I guess later he was known as “Mr. Video” until he was named after the landlord of his japanese creator.

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what! no beer?
just posted this over on my beer blog after finding the swedish version of this poster for a buster keaton/jimmy durante film with the awesome title of “what! no beer?”. ah prohibition beer movies. this one has a pretty awesome title, and some stylish poster art.
(via bier hall crawl)

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This man sings songs about God to you in dog make-up. What it means I do not know. Is is cause dog is god spelled backwards? Whatever it is it makes me feel dirty inside. Found this one via boingboing

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Chubby Checker New York Twist beef jerky
after listening to an npr interview with Chubby Checker this morning, I looked him up, not realizing he had his own brand of Chubby Checker New York Twist Beef Jerky. All that plus it’s MSG free!

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