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Apparently, the best Portuguese Malasadas are to be found in Honolulu at Leonard’s Bakery.  I can confirm that this bold statement is, in fact, a fact.

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it's a me!  mario!
I was able to find a bunch of vintage games during recent visit to the back of an arcade at Cedar Point. I had forgotten back when Nintendo’s poster boy, Mario started as the hero of Donkey Kong that he looked more like an Italian stereotype then he does now. Give him a chef’s hat and a red neck scarf and he could pass for that classic pizza parlor statue they always have in the corner behind of the counter. Apparently originally he was known as “Jumpman” which is odd since he can’t jump in the start of Donkey Kong. I guess later he was known as “Mr. Video” until he was named after the landlord of his japanese creator.

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Too bad Howard Hughes airlines with planes often dubbed “flying bananas” and totally styling stewardesses no longer exists.

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Niagara Falls Ontario Burger King being eaten by Frankensteins Monster
I didn’t remember Niagara Falls Ontario being the Atlantic City of the north, then again I also don’t remember Frankenstein’s monster being a fan of the Whopper. I wish I had gone into this combo House of Horror/Burger King, but I suppose I can visit the one in Times Square if I want that as well, it would just be less campy.

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Powder to destroy Black Magic at Farmacia Million Dollar in downtown Los Angeles.

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taken at the Museum of Jurassic Technology, Los Angeles.

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mercat boqueria barcelona

Well, dear readers, sad to say I had to take this morning off to recuperate from a vicious bout of food poisoning!! I managed to still make it out this afternoon to the Mercat Boqueria, the city’s (and possibly the world’s) most incredible food market…

mercat boqueria barcelona

where these fruit juices may have just saved my life…

mercat boqueria barcelona

and fishes stare at you with imploring eyes…

mercat boqueria barcelona

where chocolate hedgehogs sit next to chocolate boobs…

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Salvador Dali Museum

About two hours outside the city (via rail) lies the town of Figueres, home of the Salvador Dali museum. It’s not super easy to convey just how awesome this place actually is; the breath and depth of the collection and the range and scope of the work is nothing short of… surreal.

Salvador Dali Museum

Speaking of surreality, as it write this, Spain’s version of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ is on…

Salvador Dali Museum

I’ve included a number of photos below/after the jump, but they really don’t do the place justice.

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