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Ice carving festival in Antwerp, Belgium.  The theme was the life and works of Peter Paul Rubens. It was held in a huge refrigerated tent and it was c-o-l-d. It’s a weird and kind of rave-ish place to want to transport myself to, but the hot mug of Glühwein they gave you to keep warm as you meandered through frozen Bizarro art history made it a thoroughly lovely outing.

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chorizo pumpkin pizza

If I could transport myself any place tomorrow, I’d be back at the Story Deli and beautiful shop in London, having crispy chorizo and pumpkin pizza with my friend Dana and her adorable baby Bea.


The amazing concept store run by Anne Shore. Read more here.

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Swimming at the Circle B in Chestertown, NY.

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Fascinating wedding outtakes from the book Brides and Bases by sculptor Rachel Harrison. I don’t know whether Rachel Harrison has had the privilege of actually working in the weirdest industry ever, but I have and you can take the journey with me…

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mom and dad wedding

mom college grad picture

Happy Mothers Day!

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waiting area at city hall to get married

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I simply love this phrase and have enjoyed a curious meditation on it everytime I revisit the image.  contents unknown.  Michelangelo?  “…..and perfection is no trifle.”

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My entire life I have admired Ed Emberly for making illustration accessible to just about anyone with 6 fingers (including thumbs) and basic motor skills. Somehow this kid found a way to mess it up!


Seems straight forward enough right?


An admirable but try but still TERRIBLE!  This kid must have terrible parents! Don’t worry it gets much, much better . . .


If it were up to me I’d pick the owl, but I’m not trying to escape challenges in my life especially not this early on. So lets take the easy route.ee042

This looks like a giant pink Jack-o-Lantern with green nipples in its mouth.!  And what is that thing in the bottom corner did this kid actually have to take two tries to suck this bad?


Now for the greasy wax money shot!


Really?  You need two pieces of paper for this horror?  Poor old Ed Emberly.  I can only assume this is some kind of sick joke meant to insult my childhood icon, and I’m left picking up the pieces, again. This kid could have at least drawn the mouth or stuck to one color.  I’ve never seen an orange whale in my life.  Maybe these parents should chill on the acid laced bottle feedings and reexamine their own lives. Sick-os!

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