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Make It Yourself Vol 1.

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fancy pants

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animal farm make it yourself

From Make It Yourself, Vol 10. 1975

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Great Job Bart!

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Found these amazing embroideries from Flying Haystack. See more after the jump.

Click here to see the rest of Creepy Cool Embroidery from Flying Haystack

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East Village Shopping 1967

A pretty interesting article (after the jump) about shopping in Greenwich Village circa 1967 – would love to take a walk and compare what stands in these locations today. A quick online search shows chocolate, bagel, juice, and permanent makeup shops, laundry mats, and tanning salons – not quite as fun as the city’s only guitar making shop and a store where a hippie handlooms scarves right in front of you.

From Escapade Magazine.

Click here to see the rest of Shopping Greenwich Village, Circa 1967

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The Paisley Bird site and my write up on Brix Picks.

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mousie tee

owl tee

When I describe my job I usually tell people that I draw butterflies all day, but as you can see I am a liar because I draw owls, mousies, kitties, and birdies too. These are strike offs of one of my favorite groups I’ve worked on that are in Oshkosh stores now (our website with retail should be up by the end of the year). Go buy one!

Click here to see the rest of I Made This!

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Happy Birthda Card for William: Werewolf birthday party

I’ve gotten really, really into making birthday cards for my co-workers, though I think the initial inspiration came from the piece I made for L-Word’s going-away party at Pio Pio.

This card was for William (in the back row, just to the right of Penn Gillette), whose b-day was yesterday and, I’ll have you know, was much appreciated.

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