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So, I play a little World of Warcraft from time to time. I run around with my little dude and kill things and stuff. Some of that stuff involves selling virtual items for virtual gold on the “auction house”. Much to my surprise, (and delight), I was sent this gem of an in-game email from another player scolding me for not selling my virtual herb, “whiptail”, for enough virtual gold. FAIL!

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Luke accidentally discovered that if you type “haunted doll” into ebay, you will not only find yourself with many hundreds to choose from, but there may be some stiff competition from other prospectors.  Best arm yourself with an auction sniper!

It would appear that not only the dolls are haunted.  The item descriptions for almost all of the listings have been mysteriously inflated to the maximum font size allowable.

Click here to see the rest of Haunted Auctions

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from the Science Museum’s History of Medicine

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I did not win this on ebay,

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 Saint Elias Church on Kent Street in Greenpoint
I found this listing a couple of months back. For only $7 million, you can have the whole historic church and the sunday school. Both are located next to each other on tree lined Kent Street in Greenpoint. Check out the sweet morish style arches. Think of the dinner parties one could have at the alter here.

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Currently on ebay and fabulous. Here’s the link if you are interested.

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Mujer Pantera

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dior hat

Vintage Dior.  yes please!

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sexy saints

Unfortunately I did not win this on ebay.

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