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Gaar Williams – 1926 Prohibition Speakeasy Cartoon

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I would LOVE to hear this thing in person! Located in Zadar, Croatia, The Sea Organ was built by architect Nikola Basic as part of a project to renovate the city coast.  It’s a series of marble steps that descend into the sea, concealing 35 harmonic pipes.  The wind and the tide oscillate directly into the pipes, acting as the bellows of a giant watery pipe organ.  Go here to this excellent website for a more detailed description of how the sea organ works and to listen to an audio clip.

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Hungry Heart, 1999 by Norwegian artist Louise Nippierd.  A catalog clipping from a 2004 show called “Nordic Cool” at the National Museum of Women in the Arts.

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Henri Cartier-Bresson

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Bill Eppridge, Watching Chanel Opening in Paris, 1966

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There’s a photo book coming out called “The Projectionist” about a man who built a movie theater called “The Shalimar” in his suburban basement. The pictures are awesome. Read about it here.

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Photos of Ziegfeld performers by Alfred Cheney Johnston.  Found here at this excellent website dedicated to the preservation of early cinema photography.

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These stirring and beautiful images are by Kevin Bauman, a photographer whose 100 Abandoned Houses shows Detroit in a state of collapse. His own words:

“The abandoned houses project began innocently enough roughly ten years ago. I actually began photographing abandonment in Detroit in the mid 90’s as a creative outlet, and as a way of satisfying my curiosity with the state of my home town. I had always found it to be amazing, depressing, and perplexing that a once great city could find itself in such great distress, all the while surrounded by such affluence.”

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Our film and video class was a very tight knit group of hell raisers (we just found out one professor, Peter O’Neill dubbed us “the class from hell”). We scoffed at “the man” who was always trying to bring us down. One example was our Senior Show, the poster for which a member of the class usually designed. For our year they decided instead to give the honor to a grumpy secretary who didn’t like any of us. The result was unmemorable. We, of course, made our own poster anyways and this is it. Our extremely talented friend Tim Lokiec is the artist. I adore!!

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