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If this isn’t the most awesome stadium intro video ever made, i don’t know what is! I guess the Alaska Nanooks are the University of Alaska Fairbanks’ ice hockey team. I also take it, they are awesome.

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 Saint Elias Church on Kent Street in Greenpoint
I found this listing a couple of months back. For only $7 million, you can have the whole historic church and the sunday school. Both are located next to each other on tree lined Kent Street in Greenpoint. Check out the sweet morish style arches. Think of the dinner parties one could have at the alter here.

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who doesn’t love street fish in a styrofoam cooler.

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For those of you who have wondered what kind of entertainment who have missed out on with the death of vaudeville, you only have to gaze upon kid hoofer Ray Wollbrinck, once called “the cleverest buckdancer on the vaudeville stage”. Imagine the magic feet this little chap must have had as he “buckdanced” across the stage of the St. Thomason Theater in the heart of the Scallywag District.

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recently saw this spanish comercial for some sort of DVD and Audio Libro set staring this man for sale on TV while in LA. I wish I had grabbed a photo of the phone number so I can order this amazing miracle of media, but i did get his website :


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honest, this is not a joke. this was a real post from a real woman. i know with the bad grammar that its a little hard to follow. i think the only thing that is a lie is that her and her husband don’t do drugs, cause otherwise, there’s a gas leak at their house. wow. i mean wow.

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While doing another inspirational image search for vintage quiz and game shows, i came across this illustration of my favorite game show regulars. Yes that’s Brett Somers and Charles Nelson Reilly of the Match Game. If you’ve never caught the reruns or the original run of this show, it truly was the best documented and longest running cocktail party of the 70’s. This is a recent drawing done by an artist named Violet LeMay and I have to say I really love it. I came across the image originally from LCS, the illustration news portal.

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The price is right
I’m designing a quiz game at work and was doing an image search for “the price is right” for inspiration and I came across this on page two of a google image search for everyone’s favorite afternoon price guessing game show (how was that for a run on sentence). I know nothing about this amazingly covered album. But I do know I found the image on frank larosa’s awesome vinyl records museum:

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disney old dogs

just noticed this poster on my way to lunch. Apparently Travolta Williams is staring in this amazing new film called “Disney Old Dogs”. Yes, that’s seth green in the arms of a gorilla. Whoa, if that doesn’t add up to a hit and the most loved movie of the year, I don’t know what does? I love how my second favorite scientologist actor has an expression of “did i do dat?”.

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master of disguise

While getting ice and other halloween party needs from the local Key Foods, I noticed this new amazing coin machine. Those are some pretty amazing prizes one can get in those eggs. I was hoping for that weird ass fu manchu mustache that child is wearing, but sadly all i got was a set of moles and a hitler mustache (no seriously, its right below the handlebar mustache in photo).

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