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it's a me!  mario!
I was able to find a bunch of vintage games during recent visit to the back of an arcade at Cedar Point. I had forgotten back when Nintendo’s poster boy, Mario started as the hero of Donkey Kong that he looked more like an Italian stereotype then he does now. Give him a chef’s hat and a red neck scarf and he could pass for that classic pizza parlor statue they always have in the corner behind of the counter. Apparently originally he was known as “Jumpman” which is odd since he can’t jump in the start of Donkey Kong. I guess later he was known as “Mr. Video” until he was named after the landlord of his japanese creator.

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what! no beer?
just posted this over on my beer blog after finding the swedish version of this poster for a buster keaton/jimmy durante film with the awesome title of “what! no beer?”. ah prohibition beer movies. this one has a pretty awesome title, and some stylish poster art.
(via bier hall crawl)

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This man sings songs about God to you in dog make-up. What it means I do not know. Is is cause dog is god spelled backwards? Whatever it is it makes me feel dirty inside. Found this one via boingboing

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catwomen shopping. hostess niece got a new job.

I found this cat postcard at the giant Brimfield antique market in MA. Normally I’m amused by anthropomorphic cat woman alone. However this card has more to offer. These catwomen (i especially am fond of the one with the purple “wig”) are shopping for what looks like sewing patterns (?) while they have their children tied to them with harnesses. A group of mice escape, harnesses are tangled, feline feet in high heels are tripped and wackiness ensues. But the true gem for me about this postcard is the combo of the front image and the note to aunt margaret on the back. Her niece writes to her to thank her for all she’s done and tell she about her new job at a restaurant, that serves all sorts of things she has never heard of like crab and shrimp. She tried the stuffed sole today. She didn’t like it.

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found this over at boing boing. I mean I don’t wanna start any contraversy, but shouldn’t they have been sponsored by “WinSTONE” Cigarettes instead? I also think it would have been more effective for the kids if Pebbles and Bam-Bam smoked more often, god knows Dino’s a boozehound anyway.

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Niagara Falls Ontario Burger King being eaten by Frankensteins Monster
I didn’t remember Niagara Falls Ontario being the Atlantic City of the north, then again I also don’t remember Frankenstein’s monster being a fan of the Whopper. I wish I had gone into this combo House of Horror/Burger King, but I suppose I can visit the one in Times Square if I want that as well, it would just be less campy.

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Count Duckula Cover with Geraldo

Remember when Count Duckula met Geraldo? I know, how can anyone forget that one.

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Chubby Checker New York Twist beef jerky
after listening to an npr interview with Chubby Checker this morning, I looked him up, not realizing he had his own brand of Chubby Checker New York Twist Beef Jerky. All that plus it’s MSG free!

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ok, I wouldn’t normally post something like this, and yes I know this is just a commercial for cat food, but it’s totally insane! You too will soon have this horrible jingle in your head.

Not only do I love the whole concept of a cat wandering through a psychedelic acid trip of where he thinks his food comes from, but now I can’t get the image of those weird ass chickens bowing to the cat as to say “good marrow sir puss, you may eat me at your leisure.”

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