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Seen on the counter of the newly opened Taco Bell on Steinway Street in Astoria. I wish them all the best…and apparently I’m not the only one.

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the future
Sadly the age of 29 has come and gone and none of these dreams have come true. Sigh.

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body heat

“Yes, but do you have anything that is less sexy? X2 the sexy is too much for me. I just don’t need all that sexy.”

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I’ve never been a cook. But when an International Potluck Lunch happened at my place of employment, I rose to the occasion…much to the surprise of the people I work with. My Scottish Apple Pie was lauded and enjoyed by everyone. Was it from scratch? No. Baby steps. Regrets? I have a few. But at least I know what section the pie crusts are located in Key Foods now.

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great book
And you thought you’d be wrapped up vampire books this summer? HA!

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Me and Dad

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Seen on the door of the deli on the corner of Spring and Mott. I’m not sure what Tony The Tiger’s involvement is but you better believe that he wouldn’t stand for bad iced coffee.

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And here we are…Nicole Scherzinger. What do you mean “Who is Nicole Sherzinger???” FROM. THE. PUSSYCAT DOLLS. Of course this was before all that business. Ah…the good old days.

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