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Laura, Spike (James Marsters), Brittany and myself

It was a long, hard day, milling around the Fangoria convention in Secaucus, but getting this photo (by mail, several weeks later) made it all worth while. Spike was amazing; all wiry musculature, porcelain veneers and recovery speak (sans the British accent) — and he kept referring to me as ‘brother’, which was awesome.

Not to toot our own horns, but we were among the coolest dudes in the long line wrapped around the hallway of the Hyatt’s mezzanine level — certainly we were among the slimmest. When Brittany proposed an action shot, James was totally on board, commanding me to grab his neck “for real” and “really squeeze”. Though James was DJing a show later that afternoon at a club that I believe was called the Crazy Donkey, we cut our trip short; my car battery was dead and, after multiple jump starts, we really just wanted to get back to Brooklyn and have a well deserved drink. Golden memories…

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Sexy CGI Girl

Sexy CGI Girl

Unlike some of us (I’m looking at you, LB), I prefer my CGI titillating, not actually pornographic. I don’t know about you, but for me, the textural rendering of a thong riding up a crazy looking thing’s butt does things to my hormones that an actual woman’s backside never will… And besides, I’d rather leave the working bits of weird cartoon girl anatomy to my imagination, not that these images really leave that option open.

Fotolia artists caironbohemio and John Denison provide the visual fuel for my fantasies.

Sexy CGI Girl

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Library Drawing by Tony Astone

Tony gave this to us as a wedding gift, immediately after explaining that it was a portrait of me, a widower in the future, with all of Brittany’s money stashed away in the safe. Maybe for our anniversary this year, he’ll send us a vinyl Green Reaper sticker…

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Dracula died for your sins - Famous Monsters of Filmland

As you may already know, I’m a huge fan of Famous Monsters of Filmland.

Dark Shadows - Famous Monsters of Filmland

Click here to see the rest of Dracula Died For Your Sins

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Magic Forest: Lake George, NY

Magic Forest: Lake George, NY

Besides the Renaissance Faire, the Magic Forest is one of the few places I visit every year. Not that anything changes there in a year’s time; there are no new rides, never any improvements to the facilities — but nothing quite compares to walking down an overgrown path and coming face to face with a decomposing statue of a character from a nursery rhyme, its glassy blue eyes staring back at you from corroded sockets filled with spider webs, a cord wrapped in electrical tape dangling between its legs connected to a new-fangled tapeless answering machine which, when activated (and, believe it or not, not every machine always functions properly), intones a warbly, haunted sentence explaining its place in Mother Goose’s pantheon. No matter how many times I’ve experienced this… experience, it continues to blow my mind. Mike, who shot the photos seen here, posted this rather amazing gallery after a very special visit a couple of years ago.

Click here to see the rest of If I could be anywhere… Magic Forest

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Mother's Day

The back of this Polaraiod reads: X-Mas ’82 in a feminine script.

Mother's Day

This was probably taken in the Summer of 1980.

Mother's Day

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White Wolf - Standing Alone

Please note the original sticker on the plastic wrap: DO NOT PLAY DURING A FULL MOON.

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The Lotus Caves by John Christopher

That John Christopher sure could inspire illustrators. I’m afraid I don’t know who the artist is in this case.

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Accept - Balls to the Wall

This album features their big hit, Balls to the Wall; I have absolutley no doubt that you’ll love the music video.

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Accept - Front Album Cover

This is Accept’s 1979 debut record, which does not include Balls to the Wall.

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