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Comic Sans used appropriately

Any graphic designer worth her/his salt can tell you that there is really only one answer to the frequently asked question, “What font would you set the words ‘Jeff Foxworthy’ in?”

I’ll sleep better tonight secure in the knowledge that the members of the elite My9 graphics team know the answer.

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Daniel Kitson, Joaquin Phoenix with beards

David Spader

Sure, Daniel Kitson and Joaquin Phoenix both have beards, but my response has always been a hybrid of David Spade and James Spader… David Spader, if you will.

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The unspoken moratorium on sexy CGI images has kind of put me at a loss…

But how’s this for circumnavigation! This awesome picture comes from Seely’s profile on where you’ll find even more amazing photos.

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Wow Stein - Alliance

Everyone knows I loathe the Horde and this amazing stein, a marvelous gift I received for my last birthday, just reinforces my allegiance to the Alliance.

Wow Stein - Alliance: Night Elf

Click here to see the rest of WoW Alliance Beer Stein

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This catastrophic piece of wreckage was deposited on the corner of Lorimer and Meserole over the weekened; the locals (myself included) have been unable to pass by without taking a minute not really to gawk, but to solemnly reflect.



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Black Hole by Charles Burns - Issue Number 3, front cover

Not too, too long ago, Charles Burns’s amazing Black Hole was compiled into a single volume. It’s a book I highly recommend picking up especially if, like me, you missed a few issues. The only downside is that the collected Black Hole does not feature the color cover art, which is a huge bummer because the high contrast style Burns works in can really become overwhelming when you’re plowing through dozens of pages in a single sitting; it would have been an excellent idea to include the color work just to break the book up a bit. Oh well,  I’m sure budget considerations had something to do with it… anyway, here are the front and back covers from the six issues I have here at home.

Black Hole by Charles Burns - Issue Number 3, back cover

Click here to see the rest of Black Hole Color Covers

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Indiana Jone: Find Your Fate 1

Indiana Jone: Find Your Fate 2

Brandon’s recent post really got me thinking about these book-fair classics, many of which were written by a then-unknown R.L. Stine. Fortunately, the Indiana Jones Wiki had all the info I needed — who knew there were so many!

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Rotating Corpse Search Engine Terms

A quick inspection of this morning’s stats offer key insight into what the public is really hungry for: ‘jar jar bnks sex children doll’.

As is my way, I reserve all judgment.

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NY Post 8 15 2009

From the finest news source in the city.

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The Dark Tower Book 1: The Gunslinger

Big day for SK, huh?

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